Families of IDPs from two lakeside municipalities of Lanao del Sur received medical services and gift-giving from Duyog Marawi on November 11, 2017. (Photo by Hudaifa S. Macapoli)

LANAO DEL SUR, November 13, 2017—Five Hundred families of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the two lakeside municipalities of Lanao del Sur received medical services over the weekend.

The IDPs of Barangay Lumbac, Kialdan of Marantao and Barangay Poblacion of Bacolod Kalawi were given medical services and gifts through the efforts of Duyog Marawi (DM).

In its “Medical Caravan and Gift Giving” program, DM fielded a medical team composed of 1 surgeon, 7 medical doctors, 1 ophthalmologist, 7 dentists and a team of naturapath healers.

The medical team was assisted by 130 Duyog Marawi Volunteers, Barangay health workers and RHU nurses and midwives.

Bacolod Kalawi Mayor Abdul Mohaimen L. Dipatuan welcomed the whole Duyog Marawi contingent with the medical team and volunteers that also conducted feeding to children.

“Panalamatanami so mga doctor ago so Duyog Marawi sakyab’giniyansatabangsiikomga IDPs sayasa Bacolod Kalawi” (We would like to thank the doctors and Duyog Marawi for helping the IDPs here in Bacolod Kalawi), said Mayor Dipatuan.

Dipatuan noted that the medical mission and gift-giving was the first initiative conducted in his town by a non-government organization after the Marawi crisis.

Simultaneous with the medical mission, psychosocial activities for women and peace education for children in Marantao were facilitated by Abdul Azis Dimasindil and Janimah Camama.

The mission is part of the Peace Corridor program of DM in partnership with the Redemptorist Missionaries of the Philippines, Caritas Philippines and Caritas Canada; and in collaboration with the Local Government Units and Rural Health Units of Lanao del Sur. (AM Acmad and JM Mauna / Duyog Marawi News)