Photo by: AM Acmad

ILIGAN CITY, November 25, 2017 – Out of 15 identified advocacy agenda initiated by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Marawi City, The Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) topped the list  for primary advocacy of IDPs.

On November 23, about 100 IDP leaders representing their fellow IDPs in Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro City, and Bukidnon, gathered for a Regional IDP Assembly at the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao, MSU, Marawi City following the Barangay and Municipal level  IDP Assemblies held a few months ago.

The assembly highlighted IDP rights to the IDP leaders and primarily aimed to identify 10 advocacies from the 15 point advocacy agenda initiated by the CSOs and to select IDP representatives who will be joining the CSOs in lobbying for  the 10-most  pressing agenda chosen by the IDP leaders.

The IDPs want President Rodrigo “Roa” Duternte “to certify BBL as an urgent Bill” seconded by “The Immediate Lifting of Martial Law” as they continually believe in  the possibility of BBL resolving the ARMM or Moro struggle  aside from the Marawi crisis.

Supporting the advocacy, Governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Mujiv Hataman affirmed that the top 10 advocacies to be lobbied tentatively at the National level and the Official List of IDP Representatives who will join the lobbying are as follows:

TOP 10 Advocacy Agenda

  1. PRRD…” To Certify BBL as an Urgent Bill”
  2. The Immediate Lifting of Martial Law
  3. Allocate Budget for the Livelihood Rehabilitation for the IDPs
  4. Expedite the Passage of the IDPs’ Rights Bill
  5. Allocate Budget to Rehabilitate and Regulate Madrasah/Masjid
  6. Request to Conduct a Congressional Inquiry on the Marawi Siege
  7. PRRD…” To Repeal the Proclamation NO.453” Military Reservation
  8. Allow CSO and IDP Representation During Beneficiary Selection
  9. Expedite the Passing of BBL (BTC Version)
  10. Provide a Venue for IDP to Participate in Crafting Compensation and/or Reparation Packages for Damages of Property

List of IDP Representatives to the National Lobbying:

  1. Onaimah L. Acoon
  2. Johanie B. Buscay
  3. Jamail S. Mamasaranao
  4. Ismael V. Magarang Jr.
  5. Marpha M. Dianalan
  6. Datu Aeno D. Manabilang
  7. Sittie Joharah M. Pacalundo
  8. Alimar D. Mamacotao
  9. Amrosie P. Cayongcat
  10. Meimei S. Pangarungan
  11. Johary B. Lumna
  12. Ashary Abdullah
  13. Zainoden Bazer

These abovementioned advocacies will be lobbied by the enlisted IDP representatives in partnership with Civil Society Organizations: Duyog Marawi, Ranao Rescue Team, Maradeca, Rido Inc., Ecoweb, Unipad, and Task Force Bangon Marawi of the government side.

Duyog Marawi, as host to the assembly, shared that the National lobbying will be held simultaneously with the regional lobbying in ARMM that is yet to be scheduled. (AM Acmad /Duyog Marawi News)