Some of participants of the Walk for Peace after the walk.  (Photo by DM Francisco / Duyog Marawi News)

MARAWI CITY, November 20, 2017–A “Walk for Peace” was held at the Mindanao State University Sports Complex in the morning of November 18, 2017.

Mobilized by the Duyog Marawi – MSU Sector, the peace activity gathered about 800 individuals from different colleges, organizations, high schools students and residents of MSU.

The participants chanted peace.

“I participated not because the event is free, not because of the certificate or the snack, but because it is for all of us, an invitation for everyone to promote peace,” said one participant.

It was observed that the activity was a manifestation of unity among Muslims and Christians who believed in the urgency of peace.

In the “freedom wall” that was provided by the organizers, among the vignettes that were written by those who walked for peace were the following: “#Peace is not a word, it’s action,” “Value unity, value equality, appreciate and respect co-existence,” “United we stand, divided we fall,” “Peaceful mind, peaceful heart, peaceful soul, a peaceful community.”

The “Walk for Peace” was the first big mobilization for peace at the MSU since Marawi City was liberated from the 5-month conflict. (D.R. Francisco / Duyog Marawi News)