Group photo of DM and RRT personnel with Don Kusuanco (in white with cap) after the Solidarity Mission at Saguiaran, LDS

A collaborated mission headed by Kem Clarito of Duyog Marawi (DM) and Don Kosuanco of Ranao Rescue Team (RRT) was held at Mipaga, Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur.

The mission included psychosocial activities for children and adult facilitated by DM personnel Rayhanah Bantuas, S. Haima Hadji Malik, and Amerah P. Dipantar. Don Kusuanco, partner of Tabang Marawi Interfaith Convergence, Archdiocese of CDO, on medical and relief mission for Marawi IDPs, manned the medical team for the free check-up and distribution of medicines.

To date, it was the second time that a solidarity mission with DM was held at Saguiaran. The first was on October 4, 2017.

DM staff with the children in Saguiaran showing their drawings after their Psycho-social activities

(Photo credits: Naif B. Alawi)