MARAWI CITY, November 6, 2017— Looting and destruction are among the issues raised by the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have gone home after the 5-month long crisis in their city.

IDPs returning home in Barangay Tampilong, Marawi City, felt mixed emotions as they finally set foot on their land, their home after 5 months of abandonment.

“Allahu Akbar, Astaghfirullah, Ma Shaa Allah” (Allah is great, forgive us Allah, Allah has willed) are what the residents uttered as they entered their houses.

Norjannah Naik, a Marawi resident, begun weeping from the time she saw their house from afar and even more when she saw it in disarray and her belongings gone.

“Digitawan, Kiyagagawanakosawalayami” (I don’t know, I felt pity for our house), Naik said as her voice broke.

Although sad with what has become of their houses 5 months later, they have no choice but to rebuild them from the whole mess.

Despite the looting of their properties, some IDPs are thankful that they still have homes to return to unlike those whose residences are located at the main battle area.

While rebuilding their homes is now their main preoccupation, some IDPs believe that this will be a turning point in rebuilding their lives.

They ask for help not only in terms of material resources but especially sincerest prayers. (AM Acmad/Duyog Marawi News)