ILIGAN CITY, November 26, 2017–Marawi Bishop Most Rev. Edwin de la Peña has categorically denied media reports that he favors Martial Law extension in Mindanao.

When asked for comments by the Communications Unit of Duyog Marawi, de la Peña said that several news organizations made it appear that he is supporting the extention of Martial Law in Mindanao.

He discolosed that his recent interview at Radyo Veritas was apparently misinterpreted by the media that he is supporting martial extension when in fact he is against it.

In a statement released on Sunday, he said, “During the Martial Law declaration on 23 May 2017, my stand was clear: that it shoud should not be for the whole of Mindanao, but for Marawi. I did not favor the extension of Martial Law and was vocal about it.”

The people of Marawi should be consulted whether Martial Law should be extended, he said.

“Who is in a better position to tell whether Martial Law is going to facilitate, and not put a stumbling block for Marawi to rise from the ruins? Not me, or anyone else in the Church or even in the government. It is the people of Marawi themselves,” he said.

But if according to the assessment of the Military Martial Law need to be extended, his position is, “it should be limited to areas of tension (Ground Zero, for example), to facilitate the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the city.”

Being the head of Duyog Marawi, the bishop clarified that “our mission is to accompany the Meranaws and be a supporter to their struggles. Theirs is the power to make the decisions.” (AM Acmad / Duyog Marawi News)