“Any good human activity can be a vehicle for communicating the good news about God’s love”.

In line with this, Duyog Marawi conducted a 2-day Pastoral Renewal Facilitator Training attended by 31 participants from the various parishes and chaplaincies of the Prelature. It aimed to equip the facilitator with the teachings on Parish Renewal and train them in conducting renewal sessions to help Christian communities integrate the essence of interreligious dialogue in their faith and their daily life.

Facilitated by Bro. Lito Latoure and Fr. Ramonito Torres, the training combined discussions, sharing of experiences, and the liturgical celebrations.

The training was highlighted by the sharing of experiences during the siege. Many of the participants are close friends of Fr. Chito and other hostages. The pastoral renewal program is part of the peacebuilding programs of Duyog Marawi.

One of their output is a plan to organize interfaith activities in their community where the Muslim can participate. Although it is not easy to achieve harmony among so many culture, inter-religious Dialogue can be an effective way of resolving conflict.