IDPs at Al-Bironi evacuation center packed their things and prepare for their transfer on April 7, 2018. Photo by: AM Acmad

Thirty eight (38) IDP families asked to leave their temporary evacuation center at Al-Bironi Evacuation Center, Balo-i, Lanao del Norte.

A total of 38 families, who took shelter in the said center, were asked by the management – private owner on April 5, 2018 to leave their temporary evacuation center as soon as yesterday, April 6, 2018.

“Gyotowi rata ginawa ami ka sobra kami sa pyugad a lapinig. Dapat lang na bigan kmi sa oras a magprepare” (We were hurt because we were like shooed away. (We should have been given time to prepare) said Samia Macatanto, one of the IDPs.

Today, some of them have packed their things, while others are currently packing theirs to leave and be transfer to another evacuation center.

Responding to the situation, the Local Government of Balo-i, in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development Region X, these IDPs will be transferred to Al-Khairiya Evacuation Center according to Nasimah G. Barabadan, camp manager.

Negotiation with the management to let these IDPs stay was conducted upon their request because they find comfort in the said place. If not, they plea that they will be allowed by the management to stay until the end of the holy of Month of Ramdhan which will be on May 2018.

Gamal Mamangcao, who facilitated the negotiation, conveyed to these IDPs that they were asked to leave because there has been a miscommunication between the private owner and the government authority, since the owner was not consulted and have been less coordinated by the authority.

Second, there has been damages on the doors and glass windows of the building and that the owner seeks maintenance of the center.

Lastly, the owner wants the center to be rented after finding out that there is an evacuation center, too, particularly in Iligan that is rented to accommodate IDPs.

On Tuesday, April 10, there will be a meeting between the concerned persons and Task Force Bangon Marawi to tackle the issue.

The owner has conveyed to Mamangcao also that he wants to meet with these people for a dialogue over the issue.

For now, these IDPs were granted one week by the owner to prepare themselves for the transfer that coincided to the allotted time of transfer to Al-Khairiya evacuation center set by the DSWD Region X. (AM Acmad / Duyog Marawi News)