The three arms represent the PARTNERSHIP between MUSLIMS, LUMADS, AND CHRISTIANS. They embrace the same world, which means they share the same reality; they share the same vision of peace and progress, although they make take different pathways.

The Meranao colors and the sarimanok is a symbol that our partnership should be rooted in a shared respect of culture and traditions of the community we are serving. Sarimanok being a symbol of prosperity and progress means we share the same vision of the development of the Meranao people.

The olive branch – the universal symbol of peace as found in the Bible and in the Qur’an being part of the story of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him).

The Lanao Lake is a symbol of a common desire to preserve the natural patrimony of the Meranao people. It also symbolizes that Meranao has been providing power (electricity) to Mindanao and therefore has been “powering” the economy of the country for a long time.