Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion – PBS


Interfaith Peacebuilding with the Young Generation towards Reduction of Islamophobia and Prevention of Violent Extremism in the Country

For the next three years, the focus of PBS are in the strategic direction we call the SEVEN PATHWAYS TO PEACE


1. Duyog Marawi Schools of Hope.


It is an alternative learning system with psychosocial healing, peacebuilding, and vocational training for displaced adult learners particularly out of school youth in conflict zones. Currently operating six Schools of Hope, which includes one in Lanao del Norte, two in Marawi City, two in Butig and one in Ramain, Lanao del Sur.

This is implemented by our Program for Adult and Children’s Education in Marawi (PACEM) Team in partnership with De La Salle Schools Philippines, Department of Education, and Arnold Jansen Catholic Mission Foundation.


2. The Duyog Marawi Peace Theater Ensemble


The PTE is university-based advocacy theater composed of Muslim and Christian college students and is currently in a national roadshow for its maiden production of Kuris. It also facilitates Theater for Healing and Dialogue Workshops for students. This is in partnership with Development and Peace and Redemptorist Vice Province of Manila.


3. The Torogan Space for Dialogue


This volunteer formation and leadership training program, is inside the Mindanao State University Campus in Marawi. It offers peace leadership program and a counselling and dialogue center run by student volunteers. Currently in its second batch of volunteers, this is implemented by HARP or Healing and Reconciliation for Peace  is in partnership with MISSIO.


4. The Duyog Marawi Academy for Young Meranaw Literary Writers for Peace (DALIT Kalinaw)


This is literary and journalistic annual writers workshop for Senior High School writers.  This is in partnership with Development and Peace and is managed by Communications for Peace and Advocacy (COFPA).


5. The Duyog Marawi Mobile Madrasah


This innovation offers short-term Madrasah courses in isolated areas and evacuation centers to counteract the entry of radical ideas.  Young ustadz teach the basics of Islam with emphasis on its peace values; this is implemented by COFPA in partnership with Development and Peace.


6. Kuris Café –


Still in the planning stages, this a coffee shop, an art gallery, and a study space for survivors of the war. In partnership with Islamic Social Entrepreneurship for the Economic Recovery of Marawi, the café is designed to feature art workshops for healing focused on displaced Meranaw students.



7. Duyog Marawi YouthBuild


This project organizes out of school youth to learn masonry and carpentry and build houses in their communities particularly those underserved by humanitarian actors. This is a project of HARP in partnership with MISSIO and Caritas Manila.


Abdullah Acmad

Department Head


Program for Adult Learners and Children’s Education for Marawi (PACEM)

Communications for Peace and Advocacies (COFPA)

Healing and Reconciliation for Peace (HARP)

Peace Theater Ensemble (PTE)