Being physically healthy means that your body is functioning as it should, without pain, discomfort, or lack of capabilities. Causes of ill health include injuries, disease, diet, stress and genetics. Also, poor hygiene habits can result in illness or skin ailments.

More than 400,000 residents of Marawi have evacuated due to the long-drawn conflict between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and ISIS inspired Maute group.

Some of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) lived in the evacuation area and some of them live with their relatives (home-based). Now, their physical and mental state are at risk.

The Department of Health (DOH) reports there are sixteen thousand four hundred eleven (16,411) patients admitted or treated in health facilities in Lanao del Sur this year alone. There was also a total of 882 patients referred for treatment from evacuation centers to hospitals. When translated to number of individuals, the overall affected population is about 465,692 persons, close to a half million people.

According to a report, spokesperson of the Lanao del Sur Provincial Crisis Committee Zia Alonto Adiong, said, “this is an emerging issue right now. Mental health issues should be part of the recovery plan.”

IDPs are now suffering in evacuation areas as well as in home-based areas.

In these times of conflict, Duyog Marawi (DM) conducted medical missions and gift giving projects in the Lanao del Sur Peace corridor areas.

We, IDPs highly appreciate the hard work and effort of doctors, and especially of Duyog Marawi for these medical missions in different areas of the peace corridor.

Saving the people from disease is a kind of heroism. We IDPs appreciate the kindness and concern that have been given to us. We hope that the doctors and Duyog Marawi will continuously be helping the IDPs until Marawi recovers from war.