WHEREAS, in the interest of peace and development, the undersigned Royal Sultans  and Ba-es who are bonafide members of the national-umbrella traditional Royal Sultanate  Organization in the country today, which is duly S.E.C. registered known as the Federated Royal Sultanate League of the Philippines (ROSULPHIL), do hereby declared that all sultanates bind themselves for being co-equal to work together for the common good particularly in establishing lasting peace in Mindanao and the whole country in general;

            WHEREAS, the concerned Sultans and Ba-es declared further to co-operate with the government and strongly support His Excellency President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his intense campaign for the eradication of all crimes and his quest for a Federal-Parliamentary Philippines;

            WHEREFORE, anent to the foregoing, the undersigned Sultans and Ba-es of the said national Sultanate League, finally declared also Marawi as a “Zone of Peace/Darusalam”, instead of a “Killing Field/Darul Harb” and further committed themselves to help and assist in the re-construction of Marawi (Insha Allah).

            DONE AND SIGNED on the 19th day of December 2017 at Maria Cristina Hotel, Iligan City, during the First Traditional Royal Sultanate Congress of the Philippines.


[DISCLAIMER: Part of the mission of Duyog Marawi is to accompany and to be a medium in which the voice of the Internally Displaced Persons and their leaders, especially of the Meranaw Traditional leaders could be heard.  The views and declarations expressed in this document/ article are those of the Meranaw Traditional leaders and of the document’s signatories and does not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Duyog Marawi.]